Product Features

Coastline Shutter is dedicated to providing the highest level of craftsmanship. We take pride in our attention to detail and the use of responsible materials in our shutters.

Hardwood Material

We use only furniture grade wood in our wood shutters.

Tension Screw System

The addition of a tension screw system, combined with the use of tension pins, in every shutter panel assures that whether the shutter is brand new or decades old, it will never become to tight or to lose to operate properly. By the slight turn of a screw inside the stile, the louver tension is either increased or decreased.


We use extra-long heavy gauge staples in the louvers and tilt-rod
to insure that they do not pull out. Each staple is coated with heat-frictionized glue that is activated when the staple is injected into the wood. This assures that the staples will hold for the life of the shutter panel.

Mortised  Hinges

Our shutters are mortised and hinged together or hinged to framing. Hinges are available in painted, nickel plated, antique brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Rabbeted Panels

All panel connections are rabbeted to prevent light leaking where panels meet. This means that in a two-panel opening, the center stiles are designed so that they overlap each other to create a light barrier.

Specialty Shapes

All specialty shapes including sunburst and horizontal arch panels are manufactured on site at the factory.

Mouldings and Framing

As it should be with any custom product, we offer the largest variety of hanging strips on the market today. From a traditional single-beaded hanging strip or custom casing, we provide you with the choices to truly customize each shutter application.

French Doors

With shutters, you can cover the entire glass area and create a cut-out in the actual shutter panel for the French Door handle. A French Door with a shutter application creates absolute privacy and light control. Additionally, it does not require the removal or replacement of the unique door handle. Shutters do not rattle or flap like traditional shades on doors.

Sliding Doors

Shutters can also be installed over sliding glass doors, in either a Bi-Fold or Bi-Pass application. A Bi-Fold has the panels attached to a track and an even number of panels accordion in one or both directions. With a Bi-Pass unit, you usually have two or three units attached to a track and one unit slides over the other units. Bi-Pass applications can also be installed so all panels slide beyond the opening and cover the adjoining wall area.

Special Hardwoods

In the tradition of customization, we are pleased to also offer special quotations on shutters built in a variety of popular timber choices. The special timber options include, but are not limited to, maple, red oak, mahogany, cherry, and cypress.